How to Join

You’re interested in joining the Lehigh Valley Stars Chapter of the STAR Touring & Riding Association?  Great!

Here’s what you have to do to join:

  • Full Membership (voting rights)
    • Within a five-month period, you must:
      • Attend at least two Chapter Meetings (the fourth Saturday of each month [see the calendar for details])
      • Participate in at least two Chapter Rides
      • Be voted in by a majority of the members at the next meeting you attend after meeting the above requirements
    • Once voted in, you must pay your $10/year dues and (if not already a member) become a member in good standing of the STAR Touring & Riding Association (link to STAR Application page)
    • To retain you full-member status, you’ll have to attend at least four Chapter’s meetings and three Chapter’s rides per calendar year
  • Associate Member (no voting rights)
    • Once a full-member, if you are unable to meet the attendance requirements, you will be reduced to Associate Member status
    • Associate members cannot vote on Chapter business nor hold office
    • Full Membership status is restored once the attendance requirements have been satisfied

Meetings are held on the forth Saturday of each month at Scott Powersports, 1675 PA-Rt 309, Coopersburg, PA 18036.

STAR Touring & Riding Association