How not to react to being “cutoff”

Motorcyclist Kicks Car in Road Rage Incident, Triggers Chain-Reaction Crash

On Thursday, June 22nd, a motorcyclist in California provided a perfect example of how NOT to react to being cutoff. According to reports, the rider responded to previously being cut off by a car by intentionally pulling alongside and kicking the car door. His poor decision led to the driver of the sedan losing control leading to a multiple car accident: one that almost involved the rider being crushed between a car and the concrete barrier. The innocent driver of the truck was injured when it flipped over.

Clearly, the original incident happened well before the kick: long enough that drivers behind the pair felt it was necessary to being filming as things escalated.

Lesson for the rest of us: LET IT GO! If you were cut off and the only thing hurt was your “ego”, do not retaliate! If given an opportunity, when all vehicles are stopped, POLITELY address the driver and POLITELY remind them that they are also responsible for the safety of everyone else on the road. Don’t pursue them. Don’t “curse them out”. Try to educate, not intimidate. And if that opportunity never presents itself, move on, focus on your riding, and try to make sure everyone gets home safely to their families.

The yet-to-be-identified rider is now wanted for causing an accident causing injury and fleeing the scene of an accident.